You can be rich too.!!!!


Whether you are a new investor or a senior do-it- yourself investor or an investor taking the help of advisers you need a financial plan. This plan allows you to chart your route, and commence your journey. The journey also has milestones which you need to identify. These milestones and direction identification are absolutely necessary steps in the journey, no doubt.

However, the most important part of a journey is to know the destination – what we call GOALS. Your GOALS are your Goals. Whether it is sending your children on a world tour at 18 or spending a few millions on their weddings, whether it is retiring at 50 or starting a new business at 48, whether it is paying for your parental upkeep or for your class teacher’s cancer treatment, let the world not tell you what to do.

Write down your goals and see how realistic and relevant they are for you and your better half. This book starts at that point. You have your goals and you are looking for the vehicles. You are looking for the route you are looking at what speed the vehicle should travel or at some stages should it be stationary. This book will tell you all that – and the calculators will tell you the speed and direction of your journey.

This is an attempt at making investing easy and simple. It has not been a very easy task doing this, but we have tried to make it very common sensical and simple. We were told to make it simple. We hope to have done that.

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